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Dr. Dana K. Schoonmaker

  • "I first came to Dr. Dana a year or so ago -Wish it had been sooner. I am part of Seminole County Triathletes, so I am always attempting to push my body. Dr. Dana is always able to fix my aches and pains and allows me to continue with my ongoing training. She is knowledgeable and always explains the things I need to know to stay pain free. Thank you ChiroFit for allowing me to keep on moving! June 7th, 2017"
    Wendy Hartman
  • ""I know you are never short on compliments and people raving about you and your care for them, but I want you to know that the team absolutely adores you and we are so thankful to have you. I just felt you should know how much we all appreciate everything you do.. Have a great day!" April 23, 2014"
    Roy Michael Mckinley
  • ""She is an amazing chiropractor!" April 30, 2010

    "If you are looking for a great chiropractor Dr. Dana is amazing. She helped me on my road to recovery from a car accident over a year ago. The way she handled my children and wife as well were top notch.

    Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert"
    Ryan Raymond, hired Dana K. as a Doctor in 2009
  • "07-27-10

    I have found that Dr. Schoonmaker is not only one of the most professional and knowledgeable physicians I have come across in a long time, I've been hesitant in returning to a Chiropractor for years now, and I must say I decided to try it again. I have found her treatment plan for me to be successful and for the first time in I have found relief in a cervical issue I've been dealing with for years. She also has excellent bedside manner and is extremely helpful in me understanding what is going on within my own body. Not only has she explained in detail the treatment plan necessary but she also advises me on what I can do for myself to better my health in many aspects. I would highly recommend her!!"
  • "Jul 27, 2010

    Reliability and Professionalism. In 2009 I was able to receive the services of Dr. Dana Schoonmaker due to a problem that hospitals were not able to take care of but had no problem running me the bills for it. Dr Dana Schoonmaker was referred by a church attendant and I had the best service.She is polite and her professionalism is the utmost in the practice of chiropractic. More than that, she is a caring and compassionate person who will go the extra mile to make sure you are felling at your best and are humanly satisfied in all aspects. I give her services a 5 Star rating and would recommend her with my eyes closed. Thanks Dr Schoonmaker for your great services."
    Sincerely, Lizette Olson-Ruiz
  • "Oct 21, 2010

    Thank you for the prompt attention. After a dentist visit, my tongue went numb. A friend of mine happened to be at Dr. Schoonmaker's office, when I told her my symptoms over the phone. Dr. Schoonmaker asked me to come in ASAP. She was able to identify that a nerve controlling facial muscles was pinched due to a dislocation of my jaw. After a short visit, the sensation returned to my tongue. Dr. Schoonmaker adjusted my jaw and spine and she applied ultrasound therapy to my nerve. Thank you very much for the prompt attention."
    Marijo ý
  • "02/05/2011

    I have been a competitive runner for decades,and recently have experienced a tightness in back radiating to the inner knee.I was very impressed by Dr Dana. She was very knowledgeable about the interconnecting muscles ,correctly diagnosed the problem that others had not . She had all the answers and took the time to explain the issues. The difference in how I felt was remarkable on my first visit . If you are an athlete sidelined with an injury you owe it to yourself to call Dr. Dana. She is also an esteemed athlete .I intend to tell my running club members about her!"
  • "Mar 14, 2011

    One of the best chiropractors and sports medicine physicians in the Seminole County and Lake Mary area. Other patients call Dr. Dana the "Bone Whisperer". After over 30+ years of chiropractic all over Florida, I'd have to agree. If you want to make progress with pain management, especially from a sports injury, she's worth the visit."
  • "Apr 12, 2011

    I call her the bone whisperer! After suffering with pain for a year after a car accident, I almost had to quit my job as a dental hygienist until I met Dr Dana. What no one could figure out in a year she found the source of my pain in one visit, and she is still helping me to recover! Love her!!!!!!"
  • "04/15/2011

    LakeMary, Fl, Chiropractic, Back Pain, "Dr.Dana Schoonmaker"
    So interestingly enough, I am 32 years old and 1 week ago today was my first visit to a Chiropractor. Fortunately for me, I chose Dr. Dana Schoonmaker. My lower back pain was so severe that I had to hunch over to walk after sitting for a long period of time. By the second visit to Dana my pain was literally GONE. Not only have I found a great Chiropractor but I am able to do my normal daily routine with no pain involved."


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